NGP VAN with Panel Highlighting the Data Advantages Over Republicans

After Handler was done NGP VAN General offered Kassia Devorsey the platform to speak. Kassia Devorsey pointed out the technological and statistical advantages the democrats had over the republicans she stated basic platforms like NGP VAN and service like Vertigo that allows them to add a lot of information on predictions and behavioral patterns that candidates and voters may show that can link them to similar candidates. Another part of the statistical knowledge includes modelling the candidates in different locations, simulating how they’ll perform in that climate as people have different preferences and the behaviours of people are relatively identical in same region. She highlighted the models could predict who you would vote for coupled with the expertise of data analysts that the progressive party has in abundance and the ability of the democratic party to turn to any of these platforms like NGP VAN in search of specific data.


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CTO of NGP VAN ,John lee spoke on how they reached that vantage point over the republicans and went on to elaborate that this was started from the intention to gather mass data for campaigns. After this comes years of implementing this data and combining them to form a conclusion or creating new strategies implementing is then followed up by the foot soldiers or volunteers who know how to utilise these data on ground and act on them without being constantly directed.


Matthew Saniie highlighted the dynamic nature of data as it is always changing as time goes on. Stating expertise like data analysts allow for a smooth transition of the interpretations over time. Lastly he attributed great advantages of the progressive party to the dedicated and more committed individuals representing the democrats concluding that all the progress made are a result of the combined factors of data and personnel.


Amanda Coulombe the General Manager of Organizing in NGP VAN summarised the first group of answers by the panel and asked a question that pointed out that the technology and data could be treated separately and republicans are trying to develop platforms like that of the progressive party.

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