Mathematician and Mentor Michael Lacey

Mathematician Michael Thoreau Lacey was born in Abilene, Texas in 1959. Michael attended Urbana-Campaign University where he received his PH.D. Next, he held a position at Indiana University where Michael received the NSF Postdoctoral fellowship. While at Indiana University he went on to collaborate with Christoph Thiele on a project, which won them Salem Prize.


The Salem Prize looks to award promising mathematician who works in the late Mr. Raphael Salem’s field of interest. While he was a Professor at Georgia Tech, Michael collaborated with Xiaochun Li, and for their joint work, he won the Guggenheim Fellowship. Olga and Simon Guggenheim founded this award in memory of their son and awarded grants to professionals who have published a momentous quantity of work in the fields of environmental science, social science, and other related categories.


In addition, Michael Lacey is also a part of Math Alliance. Math Alliance main objective is to ensure every inadequate represented American student has the opportunity to earn a doctoral degree in a mathematical science. They continue to stress their commitment to students, as well as faculty members to change Universities across the country into places encouraging all students to feel welcome. Michael Lacey has an extraordinary career and obviously a passion for helping others achieve their dreams as he has done so for himself.


Also, he has advised many undergraduates whom later went on to graduate programs; and his Ph.D. students have gone on to academic and industry jobs. Michael is a great example of what it takes to not only succeed in life but a prime example of giving back to society with one of the most valuable assets on earth, his time.