The Origins of Video Email: Why Talk Fusion is a Model For Success

Bob Reina established the groundbreaking video marketing company Talk Fusion in 2007. They initially began with its charter service, Video Email. Blending over two decades worth of industry expertise in direct selling and marketing, Bob leads the firms’ international success using his inventive vision, helpful background, and enthusiasm for serving others.


For more than a decade, Bob had earned a living as a police officer. Over time, he felt (as so many others) restricted by spending time for a paycheck. He decided that it was time to handle his situation and take better management of his life so he could serve more people.


This change of attitude totally transformed his life, but it came with its own set of obstacles. He would become enmeshed in a business, structure a thriving team, and then the venture wouldn’t succeed. This required him to begin from the bottom once again. Learn more:


His vision to help people came in 2004 as he was looking at a place in North Carolina. He was having difficulties emailing a small video to his relative, but AOL wasn’t able to process it. If he was having this problem, then others must be as well. He phoned his good friend and IT specialist Dr. Jonathan Chen and jointly built Talk Fusion’s initial product, Video Email. Following that, he had no doubt that they would be successful in marketing. He’d market using the exact methods of direct selling that boosted my success before, but now he’d help people by creating a product with a foundation built on invention and lastingness.


He’s a big proponent of the usefulness of video. It’s the greatest way to communicate digitally, build a market presence, and sustain relationships. Talk Fusion’s video marketing services aid all their clients to achieve those ends in an efficient way. Their company is the first in the mind of people looking to send Video Newsletters, Video Emails, and hold Live Meetings.


At the end of the day, if you create a great product for others, people will reward that with their support.

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