Betsy DeVos: A Political Advocate Who Maintains Her Professionalism

Just before President Trump revoked the policy that allowed transgender school students to use the restroom that best matched their gender identity, Ms. DeVos met with a delegate for transgender and gay employees at the Education Department to warn them of President Trump’s decision. Ms. DeVos was opposed to President Trump’s decision, but she maintained public politeness during the official announcement.


Although Ms. DeVos is new to Washington and has held no official government position in Washington before being elected, she is making positive efforts to improve education. Ms. DeVos lost her argument for upholding the policy that allowed transgender public bathroom access because her opponent was Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Mr. Sessions has many years of experience in Washington as he was a senator for decades, and he is known to have close affiliations with those close to President Trump.


Although she lost her argument against Attorney General Sessions for transgender public restroom access, her critics and supporters expect that she will do well in her position once she is accustomed to Washington politics. One of Ms. DeVos’ first acts in her new position was to reach out to two major teachers unions that resulted in a positive outcome. Many have observed her public politeness and professionalism, but she is known to be a relentless political fighter in her home state. According to former state attorney general Mike Cox, “In Michigan, she instilled fear in a lot of people, and it’s not just because she’s a billionaire. I found Betsy to be very determined, steely, when she sets her mind on a goal.” Moreover, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, stated “There is a real tendency to underestimate her. She comes across as personable, plain-spoken, but she is dangerous.”


Ms. DeVos is working to improve education for children in the United States by advocating for the use of vouchers. Ms. DeVos wants funding to be taken from public schools to be used as vouchers for underprivileged children, so they have the opportunity to attend charter or religious schools. Ms. DeVos has been a strong supporter of charter schools, and she feels her plan will create competition with public schools that will cause the public schools to make the changes that are necessary to improve education.


When Ms. DeVos was asked how she felt about her critics, she replied “The media has had its fun with me, and that’s O.K.” Although her friends say that she becomes annoyed when she is portrayed as an idiot, she ultimately shrugs it off without response.


Ms. DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan, in 1958. She was raised in the Christian Reform Church and attended Calvin College, which is a Christian college close to Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is married to Dick DeVos, and the couple support numerous political, religious, and conservative groups. In addition, from 1992-1997, Ms. DeVos served as the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan, and she was the chair for the Michigan Republican Party from 1996-2000.


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NGP VAN with Panel Highlighting the Data Advantages Over Republicans

After Handler was done NGP VAN General offered Kassia Devorsey the platform to speak. Kassia Devorsey pointed out the technological and statistical advantages the democrats had over the republicans she stated basic platforms like NGP VAN and service like Vertigo that allows them to add a lot of information on predictions and behavioral patterns that candidates and voters may show that can link them to similar candidates. Another part of the statistical knowledge includes modelling the candidates in different locations, simulating how they’ll perform in that climate as people have different preferences and the behaviours of people are relatively identical in same region. She highlighted the models could predict who you would vote for coupled with the expertise of data analysts that the progressive party has in abundance and the ability of the democratic party to turn to any of these platforms like NGP VAN in search of specific data.


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CTO of NGP VAN ,John lee spoke on how they reached that vantage point over the republicans and went on to elaborate that this was started from the intention to gather mass data for campaigns. After this comes years of implementing this data and combining them to form a conclusion or creating new strategies implementing is then followed up by the foot soldiers or volunteers who know how to utilise these data on ground and act on them without being constantly directed.


Matthew Saniie highlighted the dynamic nature of data as it is always changing as time goes on. Stating expertise like data analysts allow for a smooth transition of the interpretations over time. Lastly he attributed great advantages of the progressive party to the dedicated and more committed individuals representing the democrats concluding that all the progress made are a result of the combined factors of data and personnel.


Amanda Coulombe the General Manager of Organizing in NGP VAN summarised the first group of answers by the panel and asked a question that pointed out that the technology and data could be treated separately and republicans are trying to develop platforms like that of the progressive party.

The Origins of Video Email: Why Talk Fusion is a Model For Success

Bob Reina established the groundbreaking video marketing company Talk Fusion in 2007. They initially began with its charter service, Video Email. Blending over two decades worth of industry expertise in direct selling and marketing, Bob leads the firms’ international success using his inventive vision, helpful background, and enthusiasm for serving others.


For more than a decade, Bob had earned a living as a police officer. Over time, he felt (as so many others) restricted by spending time for a paycheck. He decided that it was time to handle his situation and take better management of his life so he could serve more people.


This change of attitude totally transformed his life, but it came with its own set of obstacles. He would become enmeshed in a business, structure a thriving team, and then the venture wouldn’t succeed. This required him to begin from the bottom once again. Learn more:


His vision to help people came in 2004 as he was looking at a place in North Carolina. He was having difficulties emailing a small video to his relative, but AOL wasn’t able to process it. If he was having this problem, then others must be as well. He phoned his good friend and IT specialist Dr. Jonathan Chen and jointly built Talk Fusion’s initial product, Video Email. Following that, he had no doubt that they would be successful in marketing. He’d market using the exact methods of direct selling that boosted my success before, but now he’d help people by creating a product with a foundation built on invention and lastingness.


He’s a big proponent of the usefulness of video. It’s the greatest way to communicate digitally, build a market presence, and sustain relationships. Talk Fusion’s video marketing services aid all their clients to achieve those ends in an efficient way. Their company is the first in the mind of people looking to send Video Newsletters, Video Emails, and hold Live Meetings.


At the end of the day, if you create a great product for others, people will reward that with their support.