Alternative Banking With PSI Pay

By many accounts, the current banking system across the globe has many flaws with room for many improvements. Needless to say, this is saying a lot about a banking system that has stood the test of time for many years. This is especially the case for the banking system in the United States. Having been around for numerous years, the current banking system in America has adapted to the times but has overall stayed the same. Because of this reason, many individuals and professionals are looking for different ways to diversify and secure their financial situations. This is where PSI Pay comes into play. PSI Pay, which is an alternative banking solution that allows for many benefits that the current banking system does not allow, has seen a steady growth in new members since its establishment. By having many different factors that play into a more safe and secure way of handling finances, PSI Pay has gone into one of the more prominent alternative banking systems around. Worth mentioning, this is not taking into account the fact that the world is becoming more tech savvy with individuals looking for an updated way to banking. From one on one work with individuals to work with established businesses, PSI Pay has very diverse yet unique way of working with clients. This is one of the many reasons they are as highly-regarded as they are. With that said, to further understand this company and how they are changing the way we handle our financial situations, here is more on PSI Pay and their brilliant ways.

Worth repeating, there are many ways that this alternative banking system has changed the financial situation of individuals. Specifically, they have focused on transparency, efficiency, and clarity to work around the current bankings systems that are outdated today. In fact, this way of banking has allowed for PSI Pay to expand in ways they never imagined they could. In many ways, they have set the bar high for what it takes to change the current state of banking. To further drive the point, PSI Pay has established themselves as the models of excellence for other company’s to follow in their ways. As great as that sounds, PSI Pay has so much more to their success. There is no denying that they will continue to thrive for many years to come.

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DAMAC Properties Builds On The Success Designed By Hussain Sajwani

The luxury real estate developer, Hussain Sajwani has been building his success across the Middle East since the early 1980s when decided the daily grind of working as a financial expert with the Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Exploration Corporation was not his ultimate goal in life. Hussain Sajwani began looking for ways to extend the reach of his entrepreneurial skills and looking for new ways of developing varied business interests including the creation of a food services company. Initially, the food services company developed by Hussain Sajwani was solely focused on providing meals for workers within the oil and gas industry but later expanded into working with the U.S. military.


DAMAC Properties was eventually born in 2002 when the UAE Government changed the rules regarding ownership of property by foreign nationals within Dubai and Hussain Sajwani identified this as a major group for sales in the future. Sajwani would develop his career as a luxury real estate developer by taking advantage of the changing face of the community within the United Arab Emirates which included the arrival of many tourists and visitors from various countries; Hussain Sajwani would become known for the impressive nature of his marketing techniques which included giving a free luxury Bentley car to the purchaser of each unit in his properties.


In a bid to extend the reach of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani took his brand to the London Stock Exchange in 2013 which raised an impressive $379 million to allow the company to increase the number of developments it was taking part in. Hussain Sajwani later shifted the stock focus of the DAMAC brand to the Dubai Stock Exchange which allowed the group to become more profitable than ever before. The success achieved in the last few years has been highlighted by the sheer volume of properties being created by DAMAC Properties; the initial decade of success for Hussain Sajwani saw the development of more than 19,000 properties and has been followed in 2017 by the planned construction of more than 40,000 properties under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani.


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