Betsy DeVos: A Political Advocate Who Maintains Her Professionalism

Just before President Trump revoked the policy that allowed transgender school students to use the restroom that best matched their gender identity, Ms. DeVos met with a delegate for transgender and gay employees at the Education Department to warn them of President Trump’s decision. Ms. DeVos was opposed to President Trump’s decision, but she maintained public politeness during the official announcement.


Although Ms. DeVos is new to Washington and has held no official government position in Washington before being elected, she is making positive efforts to improve education. Ms. DeVos lost her argument for upholding the policy that allowed transgender public bathroom access because her opponent was Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Mr. Sessions has many years of experience in Washington as he was a senator for decades, and he is known to have close affiliations with those close to President Trump.


Although she lost her argument against Attorney General Sessions for transgender public restroom access, her critics and supporters expect that she will do well in her position once she is accustomed to Washington politics. One of Ms. DeVos’ first acts in her new position was to reach out to two major teachers unions that resulted in a positive outcome. Many have observed her public politeness and professionalism, but she is known to be a relentless political fighter in her home state. According to former state attorney general Mike Cox, “In Michigan, she instilled fear in a lot of people, and it’s not just because she’s a billionaire. I found Betsy to be very determined, steely, when she sets her mind on a goal.” Moreover, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, stated “There is a real tendency to underestimate her. She comes across as personable, plain-spoken, but she is dangerous.”


Ms. DeVos is working to improve education for children in the United States by advocating for the use of vouchers. Ms. DeVos wants funding to be taken from public schools to be used as vouchers for underprivileged children, so they have the opportunity to attend charter or religious schools. Ms. DeVos has been a strong supporter of charter schools, and she feels her plan will create competition with public schools that will cause the public schools to make the changes that are necessary to improve education.


When Ms. DeVos was asked how she felt about her critics, she replied “The media has had its fun with me, and that’s O.K.” Although her friends say that she becomes annoyed when she is portrayed as an idiot, she ultimately shrugs it off without response.


Ms. DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan, in 1958. She was raised in the Christian Reform Church and attended Calvin College, which is a Christian college close to Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is married to Dick DeVos, and the couple support numerous political, religious, and conservative groups. In addition, from 1992-1997, Ms. DeVos served as the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan, and she was the chair for the Michigan Republican Party from 1996-2000.


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NGP VAN with Panel Highlighting the Data Advantages Over Republicans

After Handler was done NGP VAN General offered Kassia Devorsey the platform to speak. Kassia Devorsey pointed out the technological and statistical advantages the democrats had over the republicans she stated basic platforms like NGP VAN and service like Vertigo that allows them to add a lot of information on predictions and behavioral patterns that candidates and voters may show that can link them to similar candidates. Another part of the statistical knowledge includes modelling the candidates in different locations, simulating how they’ll perform in that climate as people have different preferences and the behaviours of people are relatively identical in same region. She highlighted the models could predict who you would vote for coupled with the expertise of data analysts that the progressive party has in abundance and the ability of the democratic party to turn to any of these platforms like NGP VAN in search of specific data.


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CTO of NGP VAN ,John lee spoke on how they reached that vantage point over the republicans and went on to elaborate that this was started from the intention to gather mass data for campaigns. After this comes years of implementing this data and combining them to form a conclusion or creating new strategies implementing is then followed up by the foot soldiers or volunteers who know how to utilise these data on ground and act on them without being constantly directed.


Matthew Saniie highlighted the dynamic nature of data as it is always changing as time goes on. Stating expertise like data analysts allow for a smooth transition of the interpretations over time. Lastly he attributed great advantages of the progressive party to the dedicated and more committed individuals representing the democrats concluding that all the progress made are a result of the combined factors of data and personnel.


Amanda Coulombe the General Manager of Organizing in NGP VAN summarised the first group of answers by the panel and asked a question that pointed out that the technology and data could be treated separately and republicans are trying to develop platforms like that of the progressive party.

The Origins of Video Email: Why Talk Fusion is a Model For Success

Bob Reina established the groundbreaking video marketing company Talk Fusion in 2007. They initially began with its charter service, Video Email. Blending over two decades worth of industry expertise in direct selling and marketing, Bob leads the firms’ international success using his inventive vision, helpful background, and enthusiasm for serving others.


For more than a decade, Bob had earned a living as a police officer. Over time, he felt (as so many others) restricted by spending time for a paycheck. He decided that it was time to handle his situation and take better management of his life so he could serve more people.


This change of attitude totally transformed his life, but it came with its own set of obstacles. He would become enmeshed in a business, structure a thriving team, and then the venture wouldn’t succeed. This required him to begin from the bottom once again. Learn more:


His vision to help people came in 2004 as he was looking at a place in North Carolina. He was having difficulties emailing a small video to his relative, but AOL wasn’t able to process it. If he was having this problem, then others must be as well. He phoned his good friend and IT specialist Dr. Jonathan Chen and jointly built Talk Fusion’s initial product, Video Email. Following that, he had no doubt that they would be successful in marketing. He’d market using the exact methods of direct selling that boosted my success before, but now he’d help people by creating a product with a foundation built on invention and lastingness.


He’s a big proponent of the usefulness of video. It’s the greatest way to communicate digitally, build a market presence, and sustain relationships. Talk Fusion’s video marketing services aid all their clients to achieve those ends in an efficient way. Their company is the first in the mind of people looking to send Video Newsletters, Video Emails, and hold Live Meetings.


At the end of the day, if you create a great product for others, people will reward that with their support.

Mathematician and Mentor Michael Lacey

Mathematician Michael Thoreau Lacey was born in Abilene, Texas in 1959. Michael attended Urbana-Campaign University where he received his PH.D. Next, he held a position at Indiana University where Michael received the NSF Postdoctoral fellowship. While at Indiana University he went on to collaborate with Christoph Thiele on a project, which won them Salem Prize.


The Salem Prize looks to award promising mathematician who works in the late Mr. Raphael Salem’s field of interest. While he was a Professor at Georgia Tech, Michael collaborated with Xiaochun Li, and for their joint work, he won the Guggenheim Fellowship. Olga and Simon Guggenheim founded this award in memory of their son and awarded grants to professionals who have published a momentous quantity of work in the fields of environmental science, social science, and other related categories.


In addition, Michael Lacey is also a part of Math Alliance. Math Alliance main objective is to ensure every inadequate represented American student has the opportunity to earn a doctoral degree in a mathematical science. They continue to stress their commitment to students, as well as faculty members to change Universities across the country into places encouraging all students to feel welcome. Michael Lacey has an extraordinary career and obviously a passion for helping others achieve their dreams as he has done so for himself.


Also, he has advised many undergraduates whom later went on to graduate programs; and his Ph.D. students have gone on to academic and industry jobs. Michael is a great example of what it takes to not only succeed in life but a prime example of giving back to society with one of the most valuable assets on earth, his time.

Alternative Banking With PSI Pay

By many accounts, the current banking system across the globe has many flaws with room for many improvements. Needless to say, this is saying a lot about a banking system that has stood the test of time for many years. This is especially the case for the banking system in the United States. Having been around for numerous years, the current banking system in America has adapted to the times but has overall stayed the same. Because of this reason, many individuals and professionals are looking for different ways to diversify and secure their financial situations. This is where PSI Pay comes into play. PSI Pay, which is an alternative banking solution that allows for many benefits that the current banking system does not allow, has seen a steady growth in new members since its establishment. By having many different factors that play into a more safe and secure way of handling finances, PSI Pay has gone into one of the more prominent alternative banking systems around. Worth mentioning, this is not taking into account the fact that the world is becoming more tech savvy with individuals looking for an updated way to banking. From one on one work with individuals to work with established businesses, PSI Pay has very diverse yet unique way of working with clients. This is one of the many reasons they are as highly-regarded as they are. With that said, to further understand this company and how they are changing the way we handle our financial situations, here is more on PSI Pay and their brilliant ways.

Worth repeating, there are many ways that this alternative banking system has changed the financial situation of individuals. Specifically, they have focused on transparency, efficiency, and clarity to work around the current bankings systems that are outdated today. In fact, this way of banking has allowed for PSI Pay to expand in ways they never imagined they could. In many ways, they have set the bar high for what it takes to change the current state of banking. To further drive the point, PSI Pay has established themselves as the models of excellence for other company’s to follow in their ways. As great as that sounds, PSI Pay has so much more to their success. There is no denying that they will continue to thrive for many years to come.

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DAMAC Properties Builds On The Success Designed By Hussain Sajwani

The luxury real estate developer, Hussain Sajwani has been building his success across the Middle East since the early 1980s when decided the daily grind of working as a financial expert with the Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Exploration Corporation was not his ultimate goal in life. Hussain Sajwani began looking for ways to extend the reach of his entrepreneurial skills and looking for new ways of developing varied business interests including the creation of a food services company. Initially, the food services company developed by Hussain Sajwani was solely focused on providing meals for workers within the oil and gas industry but later expanded into working with the U.S. military.


DAMAC Properties was eventually born in 2002 when the UAE Government changed the rules regarding ownership of property by foreign nationals within Dubai and Hussain Sajwani identified this as a major group for sales in the future. Sajwani would develop his career as a luxury real estate developer by taking advantage of the changing face of the community within the United Arab Emirates which included the arrival of many tourists and visitors from various countries; Hussain Sajwani would become known for the impressive nature of his marketing techniques which included giving a free luxury Bentley car to the purchaser of each unit in his properties.


In a bid to extend the reach of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani took his brand to the London Stock Exchange in 2013 which raised an impressive $379 million to allow the company to increase the number of developments it was taking part in. Hussain Sajwani later shifted the stock focus of the DAMAC brand to the Dubai Stock Exchange which allowed the group to become more profitable than ever before. The success achieved in the last few years has been highlighted by the sheer volume of properties being created by DAMAC Properties; the initial decade of success for Hussain Sajwani saw the development of more than 19,000 properties and has been followed in 2017 by the planned construction of more than 40,000 properties under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani.


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Talk Fusion and Video Communication

Talk Fusion is a company that deals with video communications. Talk Fusion is the leader in the industry. The company’s products are sold at a reasonable price hence gaining more customers. According to the company CEO, Bob Reina, the only competitor that Talk Fusion has is Talk Fusion itself. The fact that the company tops in the industry does not make his managers, leaders remain in the comfort zone. The CEO and other leaders of the company are looking for better ways to produce as well as market the company products. The company is employing more innovative approaches to ensure its customers receive the best experience. The company’s mission is to entirely change the way people communicate across the world. To achieve its mission, talk Fusion is trying to eradicate communication barriers that exist in the world today. To make the brand more valuable, Talk Fusion keeps improving its products as well as creating new ones.
Talk Fusion has been working hard to develop new products into the market. For instance, there is a dashboard for new products. The dashboard forms the first of the company’s innovations that the company is yet to announce. The new dashboard has a new look and aims at improving the experiences of customers. Besides, the company is trying to force everyone into thinking how best to communicate with each other. The reality is that video communication is taking the face of most communications across the world. With video products, Talk Fusion stands a better chance to meet the needs and demands of its customers.
Talk Fusion’s products include video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking. The company started with enabling customers to put a video into an email. Currently, the company has come up with customer satisfying products. Additionally, Talk Fusion ensures that its customers get immediate help anytime they need it. The company has many templates that allow its customers to create emails and add a message. Customers can buy services such as one that enables them to send many emails instantly. The Talk Fusion website is able to store many emails with videos. The website allows customers to send the emails without transferring them to a different place before sending them. Furthermore, Talk Fusion offers metrics to its clients that are obtained from email services. For instance, this service allows its clients to know how many people received the email. Besides, the service allows the sender to know how many people watched a video and the undelivered emails. Learn more:

Gregory James Aziz Is a Successful Leader

Successful leaders have a significant positive influence to organizations. These are the visionaries in charge of steering the company around pitfalls. Such leaders must understand the value of seizing opportunities. They must also know how to rally employees with the aim of working hard towards achieving company’s objectives. One such leader is Gregory James Aziz.

Early Life


Aziz was born in Ontario. He grew up in an average neighborhood. Aziz attended the Ridley College and majored in economics. That is how he has been able to work at National Steel Car as a competent leader. The company manufactures railroad freight cars. It also specializes in car assembling and engineering. Looking back at Gregory’s achievements, National Steel Car tops the list.




Aziz completed his studies and joined his family for business. The fresh produce business covered major marketing areas including Europe and South America. He influenced major distribution to general markets. This covered major cities in the United States of America. With Gregory’s influence, Affiliated Foods supplied products to Canada as well. The company became an international brand.




Gregory J. Aziz worked in the banking industry for about ten years. He garnered experience in finance and business management. He used the experience to organize his finances and acquire National Steel Car. He officially owned the company in 1994. Being an experienced manager, Gregory expanded the company’s portfolio in tremendous ways. Customer care is one aspect that he upholds at National Steel Car. He values crowdsourcing and understands that prospective clients rely on retained client’s opinion to make shopping decisions. For Gregory, clients must be treated with decency.


Customer Service


Aziz has taken advantage of National Steel’s workforce potential to deliver excellent results to clients. As the chief executive officer, he streamlines the company’s managerial portfolio by promoting teamwork. With the teamwork, National Steel Car managed to produce up to 12,000 cars from 3,500 in a year. The employment rate gradually rose from 600 to 3,000 workers. Go To This Page to learn more.


ISO Certified


With Gregory’s input, National Steel Car has landed on the frontline of the best engineering companies in the world. This is attributed to extended working hours and dedication from employees. It is ISO certified thanks to James Aziz and his team. This firm’s reputation is appended to Gregory’s input.


Additional Information


Aziz cares about people. That is why he gives back to the community through donations to charity organizations. He also supports children’s hospitals by financing complicated surgeries.


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A Focus on Strategy: Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz has made a name for himself in business over the years. He has shown that he is able to roll with the punches and change business strategies to meet the needs of his customers. He has also shown that he does not compromise on his own values and the values of his companies when doing business. Overall, Gregory James Aziz is a successful businessman and any company that he is a part of thrives under his leadership.


After graduating from Western University in Ontario in 1971, Gregory James Aziz joined his family’s business, Affiliated Foods, as a mid-level manager. After a couple years of making profitable decisions for the company, his colleagues started to recognize that he had abilities that other managers did not. He was able to create and build new relationships with customers and suppliers that others struggled to find. He was able to create business strategies that brought Affiliated Foods out from behind the curtains and into the limelight. Under his leadership, Affiliated Foods blossomed and found new customers throughout North America instead of just within the borders of Ontario. They also started to create new and lucrative supply relationships with growers in South America and Europe. After his 16 years at Affiliated Foods, Greg Aziz had the experience to go out on his own.


After spending a short time in investment banking, Aziz decided it was time to finally buy and run his own company. Always a man who loves challenges, Aziz decided to purchase National Steel Car, a rolling stock manufacturer located in Hamilton, Ontario. This company had been struggling for the past several decades and had no clear strategy for the future. Greg Aziz was about to change that.


Once Aziz took over, things started to look up. He named himself CEO and proposed a strategy to start putting capital into engineering and to focus on higher-cost, higher-quality railcars. Aziz knew that customers were looking for quality in their cars so they would not have to shell out millions for rolling stock every year. Also, with new regulations, safety was a hot-button issue. Customers started to flock back to National Steel Car due to this new initiative. Aziz poured more capital into new machinery and equipment to keep up with the demand. Production capacity in the Hamilton plant rose by over 300 percent. Find Related Information Here.


Every business venture that Greg Aziz touches turns to a success. Thanks to his ability to read business environments and customer needs, Aziz is able to create strategies that work for every business. He continues to serve as the CEO of National Steel Car and is helping it grow to the industry leader in North America.



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Madison Street Capital – article recap

There may be a flaw in the methods previously thought to be effective by investment specialists. The best methods for alternative investment have been found to be ineffective for proper profit. This can be seen in some of the smaller investment firms and hedge funds. They had a difficult time garnering a greater amount of profit in past years. Their bottom lines were lagging in the second and this quarters. One firm, Madison Street Capital, has shown a greater amount of resilience to these slow times. Madison Street Capital has a history of producing greater returns on their customers’ investments because of the alternative methods they employ.


The M&A Advisor Awards have announced the winner of their nomination for Debt Financing Deal of the Year. Madison Street Capital was revealed as the winner because of their transaction with WLR Automotive. They were the underwriters of the automotive firm’s debt. This technique of underwriting the debt of private assets and using it to generate interest for investors is an innovative way to show clients the value of their company. They were in great company for the reward. They were up against some of the greatest deal makers and professionals in the space. There were more than 650 participants at the awards ceremony and they applauded the success of the finance company.


The Madison Street Capital reputation for excellence and achievement is one that precedes them in their endeavors. The M&A Advisory Board was honored to present the award. There were recognized speakers at the ceremony and they spoke to the various firms about success in the financial realm. The speakers listed innovative ways for companies to provide their customers with stellar returns. The best methods were those that included the alternative methods of managing debt and managing assets. The group that was present at the awards ceremony was highly notable and they wanted to thank every firm that was in attendance.


Madison Street Capital was also nominated for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the Financial Deal of the Year. To have so many accolades and so many awards proves that Madison Street Capital is an excellent investment firm. They are known for their family culture and supportive team of staff. They make it a major priority to show their appreciation to employees and they congratulate their staff on making the deals that made them the best hedge fund.